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Losing colors

Sadly our dreams keep on falling apart
Injured minds of the old mistakes
Judgmental looks are changing you
Led by blinded eyes
Not far to go in our cell
And you're staring at the clock
The seconds are years
You are trapped in time
Waiting for what will never come
Your face is aging
Slowly slipping into a deep hole
Couldn't run away from your ears
You know what you've heard
You can't bear the constant fighting
And the endless screaming
The pretty things are losing colors
Everything is changing but not for the better
Wasted tears on your old dreams
Happiness isn't just a smile you put
Ignoring the reality of yourself
Everything is losing colors
Even you

by NOangelsLEFT
posted on 02/15/2009

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Comment by angeloflove: Feb 15, 2009 1:37 pm
Great poem. And very good idea.
Nice creativity. But this is sad also. keep writing more good poems.

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