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My light

Now I'm not sure where to stand
Because now the good is bad
The dark's creating more damage in our destroyed life
I'm never sure who loves me
No lover No father or mother can love me enough
To make me feel safe
To make me feel alive
To make me feel whole
Only you can heal this
Only you can erase all of my sins
Only you can fight my demons away
My darkest moments of life
You pulled me away
I was willing to throw myself to the death
I truly admit
All that you did to save me
You are the only real thing in my life
You love me you love them too
You want us to be healed
And how we repay?
By doing nothing and nothing at all
But I love you I love you more than I did before
Now that I've seen your light coming through my door
The flowers are growing now
After they were dying somehow
I'll never be a saint but at least I'm loved by you
And from this moment on I'll do all that I can to be close to you

by NOangelsLEFT
posted on 07/23/2008

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Comment by JNYCE: Nov 9, 2008 8:10 pm
i like it Smiley
Comment by Freewriter91: Jul 22, 2008 9:17 pm
Beautiful i love the way you used your words ~!

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