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No Pride, No Glory

A battle thats not ours to fight.
A pointless war.
A meaningless war.
A worthless war.
A never-ending war.
Where is the pride?
You can shoot someone.
Where is the glory?
You've shot numerous people.
Where are the riches?
There they are.
You get paid well for what you do.
But is it worth it?
You cant enjoy the money if you're dead.
And the horrors of war are
stronger than you.
At the end,
if you come home,
you'll be empty.
A breathing corpse.
Not living.
Haunted by nightmares of
friends you lost.
People you killed.
There is no pride.
There is no glory.
What is there?
But more pain.

by Cornflakes
posted on 10/15/2009

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Comment by dearteenageagony: Oct 15, 2009 3:19 pm
you make a strong point. nice write.

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