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Of Seas and Reefs

The sea is eternal
In its depths in its
grandeur, it's pull
Upon my inner being

I can relate to the sea
How it can be calm when
It meets island or reef
channeling it to purpose

In life a man needs a woman
To channel his desire..his
lust into purpose into love
I have had that..in the past

But my desire has run..
unfettered, lust like a
strong current pulling
me along to break on reefs

Such lovely reefs, alive,
vibrant, full of life..
yet they could not hold me
In their shallow embrace

I have found one that is
deep enough to hold me
if she chooses I can feel
It in her touch, her caress

Will she hold me in the
darkness of night, pulling
at me like the moon upon
the tides...I know not

The decision is not mine
for the sea can not do
more than caress the reef
desiring its touch eternally

by Nick1959
posted on 07/20/2021

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Tags: caress, current, sea, channel, reef
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Comment by JNYCE: Feb 13, 2022 4:42 am
Love ittt❤️❤️❤️❤️

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