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The Photograph

I remember a photograph,
black and white, faded
and dogeared

A photograph I couldn’t forget,
engraved on back was a epitaph
of someone I’ve never known

It’s haunted me for years,
because I’ve always thought
that I was looking at myself

I took it from my worn pocket
and looked into her gentle eyes,
still moist with recent tears

I softly touched the locket
that hung from round her neck,
and felt a emptiness in my heart

For I remembered then what I
thought I’d never forget, forgotten
memories burning through time

Of flesh and blood and torn
metal amid the heat of fire and
the smell of gasoline

Voices rising; screaming my name,
but I was silent in that pause of life
staring into an empty dark abyss

I watched bewildered but unafraid,
unable to whisper or call out their
given names

Soon the emptiness turned into light,
and I walked away into the night,
holding the hand of a familiar stranger

His voice echoed warm and soft,
filling my heart and soul; beautiful
in His glorious thorny crown

I looked into His loving ethereal eyes;
colors that of a kaleidoscope, His smile
lit up the waiting cerulean skies, as He
led me far from the silent fading crowd.

by prettyspl
posted on 07/23/2020

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Tags: god
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Comment by Nick1959: Aug 10, 2020 9:24 am
What a wonderful poem, it is so full of memories, sadness and love all entwined beneath that cerulean sky. Vote up


Comment by deadiam: Aug 7, 2020 5:27 am
love the last verse...awesome

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