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Pickles and Ketchup

Don't you come flying at me in anger
When you caused all you accuse me of.
When the person you describe as me, is you,
Just to leave me here disappointed.

There was an ounce of hope for you
And you lost it.
I'll be honest, here,
You gave us all up
To be with the first one who ever liked you back.

Disregard all purple ribbons
Or signs of domestic abuse,
Because of love.

Where have I seen this story?

Let's talk about crying.
Let's talk about the years of nothing
And smoking
And drinking
Trashing your room and being taken to hospitals.

Then talk to me about my own crying,
When you haven't spoken to me in a year.
When I've been off at college,
When I've held jobs,
When I've taken every day to evaluate myself
And learned to be again.

Come talk to me about my own crying,
When the only 'problems' I have aren't problems at all,
But you only point to them when insulting me

Because you know there's nothing else 'wrong'.

And I could call you any name I wanted,
And give you a coherent argument as to why,
Because I actually went to school,
But I really tried to learn better than that this year.

Calling you anything low, like you called me,
Will only fan the flames you ignited.
All you wanted was a fight, because you have nothing else
But what you've made for yourself

In that little hole outside reality with your purple ribbons.

Well I did what you did, less dramatically,
When I was 15.

Let's speed up the aging process.
And I'll keep crying out because I believe in something,
Since I can actually find a solution to my problems.

If you want to carve your own issues into my body,
So be it,
But I'm made of tougher stuff than you are.
And I'll grow out of it.

by Atwood
posted on 05/08/2011

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Comment by Atwood: May 21, 2011 5:26 pm
das gotta hurt sacky

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