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I am Alex Mercer,
They did things to me,
Morphed me,
Changed me.

This city has changed,
The infected,
Waging war on humanity.
They don't stand a chance.

The heads of the military,
Sitting in their office,
Protected by guards,
While his pawns give their lives.

I lost my memory,
And I want it back.
I will take it from you,
Any way I can.

I will absorb you,
And take them back.
Eventualy all my memories,
Will be back so I can get revenge.

"It's mercer, get him!"
The cry of an arognt soldier.
A flick of my hand,
And he is dead.

They think they can stop me,
But they are wrong.
They will all die,
And pay for their sins.

by guymcperson
posted on 06/25/2009

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Comment by Venivik: Jun 26, 2009 1:10 pm
Ohhh man, this is totally my favorite game right now. Great job too.
Comment by trueblessings: Jun 25, 2009 2:14 pm
hmmm... good job. i like it... but its kinda.. merciless... hmm...

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