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queen of the ignition

you always said that driving was easy;
just take the wheel and ****in' steer,

i'm a fan of straight-lines and clean edges-
can you find any in my game of tag with the
center lines?


and suddenly my five-over habit
turns to something more immediately dangerous,
and your cigarette fund turns into
my "get me out of jail" fund.

nonono, that's not right.
your smirk burns into my skin
as you order up a chinese firedrill.

you hate me most when i have the keys,
but i was queen of the ignition
when you let me drive, babe.

by eyesdecieve
posted on 05/05/2010

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Comment by darkenedangel: Mar 21, 2012 9:03 am
This is really good. Sounds like me and my ex. I can relate to your poems so well.

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