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Reaching Deepest Oceans

My cherished one How far will I love you
As far as where moons dissolve in deep seas
Beyond the edge of a tide's crimson hue
where your breath quickens sails with fevered breeze
Alone I 'll embark to our promised land
across long borders of unending pain
under still stars and above drifting sand
through anchored shadows of persistent rain
Oh those foreign eyes yet not so distant
Your arms safe harbor of a warm embrace
Two hearts entwine against odds resistant
'Neath plum fog sky my lips outline your face
Water rises 'tween silent hope and time
But water falls and I will make you mine

by LucidMuse
posted on 01/18/2016

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Tags: friendship
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Comment by prettyspl: Jan 19, 2016 11:44 pm
Beautiful. Period.

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