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seasons of guilt and separation

it's been a long winter.
I've been stripped, bare.
dry eyes, dry leaves, snapped twigs

I am green in all the places you touched me,
a fresh Spring
against the crackle of the dead,
unfeeling brown he left me.

blooming red dahlia lips and
soft petal cheeks.
my soul is alive and
inside the
hard shell of my skin. I've become
regrowth on scorched earth.
You back burned me.


but now I am that
beaming, dilated, fresh sweat, crystal-beige come down.
nitrous oxide.

bloated, swollen, engulfed
but I floated, driftwood
in the ocean-blue mile-wide skies of your irises
your love could never swallow me

he is, still, the moisture in my lungs.
he is the tink-tink-wet hacking explosion that
racks my empty bones and you will,
be that star-gazing night
in the cliff-face carpark
we spent smiling into each other's eyes.
the most beautiful love is not unrequited.

I am yellowed at my fingertips,
curling. my heart beats that soft crunch of not-yet dead
Autumn leaves
Another season in the cycle of my life.

I will bloom again eventually.

by BreeBree
posted on 03/03/2016

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Tags: melodrama
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Comment by inkblot: Mar 22, 2016 7:50 pm
**** yes, those first two verses.

"and you will,
be that star-gazing night
in the cliff-face carpark
we spent smiling into each other's eyes"
sounds just how I like my sounds to sound.

Now and again I give a thought to the meaning of the words I couple in my writing, for the sake of rhyme... Engulfed/love is a rather good example of what I go for when I'm putting in the effort.

But I'm just pleased to see that you posted. This is better than it needed to be to make me a happy bunny.
Comment by prettyspl: Mar 17, 2016 2:20 am
Great concept ... perfectly blended to tell a love story in a very intriguing way. Vote
Comment by HallowReveries: Mar 13, 2016 8:38 pm
Ahh. Always so gripping. Voting
Comment by FavoriteTheMute: Mar 13, 2016 12:53 am
I don't know what the hell "tink-tink-wet hacking explosion" means but it is a goddamn good line. Goddamn good line.
Comment by DarkEcho: Mar 5, 2016 5:06 pm
Yay, one of my favorite writers on this site has returned! And best of all, you seemed to pick up right where you left off. This writing is dense, maybe even difficult to grasp to some. I know it was that way for me. I hope to read more of your work soon. Smiley

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