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Calm waters wash over the rocky shores
Touching each side of the forgotten Island
Trails, once clear and straight, now lay beneath the vines
Bushes that lined the dirt roads, now hang across the path

Life is sparse beyond the songs of the birds
Few foot prints imprint on the sand, never permanent
In the early morning a lone short siren echoes among the trees
But never reaches the populated land of man

The curious, the brave, and the stupid lay anchor on the barren beaches
Random feet step along the weeds and fallen leaves
Conversations take place as hands push past low branches
As twigs snap behind the ignorant, disguised with their own

The sun's rays leak through the trees, bleeding to the ground
The afternoon bringing the siren to life again
As it rings twice, living in the damp humid air
The overgrown chaos of foliage choking off any breeze

Through the leaves, a pale white shows in the afternoon
Each step brings the plant infested skeleton of a building into view
Large pieces of stone lay scattered along the walls
Parallel with the gaping hoes found all around

Weathered wooden doors left splintered along the pale steps
Curious hands strip away the stong vines grasping to
A golden plate embedded next to the open doorway
That reads "The Black Thorn Institute 1864-1976"

Long white halls shoot off in every direction like a web
Doors hang open exposing padded rooms and cushion-less beds
While others hold metal tables lined with worn brown straps
As cobwebs hang low in every crevice, like dangling chains

Dust layers on the beds and tables but the floors
Have paths laid out down the middle of the halls
The dust and sand pushed off to the sides of the corridors
The whine of the siren cries out before fading after it's third ring

With the siren's wale still fresh in their ears and mind
The sound of bare feet on the cold tile floor follows
But just like the siren, the pattering footsteps stop
As doors start moving, the rusty hinges screaming before the slam

Confused looks are passed as locks latch shut
The brave continue to trek down the dim lit halls
Without noticing the sun starting to dive into the ocean
Dark Shadows creep through the windows and up the walls

Lights hang ominously, swinging ever so slightly
Stairs are climbed to the upper levels warped floors
Question about leaving before dark sets are asked
But fear doesn't send feet down any familiar path

Red lights flash on, spinning, sending flashes spiraling
As the siren rings out again in sync with the doors opening
Shadowed figures step out of the 3rd floor cells
On the fourth siren, attention falls on the new bodies

Hard feet follow others through tight turns and down steps
Others wait on the bottom floor, breathing hard and drooling
Herding their prey down to the swinging double doors
Methodical footsteps circle their quarry in the dead end

Mouths hang open, groaning, arms swing with every lunge
Teeth rip into flesh, growls let out along with howls of pain
Glazed over eyes never noticed when the fight was over
Nothing left now, the forgotten wander back into their cages

Blood left splattered in the frenzy, covered the already stained walls
Wetting the old dry blood that set like rust, flaking away
Fresh crimson ran with a trickle over a sign hung by the door
It's painted letters left faded by time could barely be read as...

One siren sounds signaling morning role call
Two sirens signal the start of examinations
Three sirens signal a time for closed reflection
Four sirens signal dinner

by KAS
posted on 10/02/2013

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Comment by PoeticPrincess: Oct 5, 2013 9:29 pm
Captivating and intriguing! Your writing is great, your story expressed quite well, you deserve more comments! Smiley

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