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Search for the star,
the shooting star
or star single in the sky.
Through confusing darkness,
this star remains your guide.

This star you know was meant
to make your dreams come true;
Its fleeting life remains in dedication to you.

Let her lead you through
this maze of ever-black,
and tell to her your wishes;
They’re not too much to ask.

Your wish she’ll make her mission;
There’s not much more to bear,
she’ll spend her glistening duration
showing you she cares.

So listen as she whispers
comforts in the breeze,
a star-kissed message sent
to be sung by dancing trees.

Don’t wonder over these mysteries
that live only in the night.
Instead smile, knowing,
you are watched by a small and loving light.

by BuriedDeepAsICanDig
posted on 06/03/2009

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Comment by fruitloop199: Jan 14, 2010 9:08 am
Seriously this is really good, i agree wit Babigurl how can people not read this. Its amazing. Smiley
Comment by Babigurlbroken: Sep 16, 2009 7:07 pm
I'm curious as to what this "star' symbolizes in your life, but this poem is also now one of my favorites. I'm not sure as to why you have not gotten any hits on it yet, but I vote up. Keep up the good work. You're one of the few on here that have true talent.

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