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The Ashes of the Essence

The end of a legend,
That ended before it's time.
The gods of role-play,
Fallen to the ashes.

So many fans,
So many questions,
So many innuendoes.
All lost to time.

At least we still have archives,
Of past shows,
From start to finish.
All the time I will listen.

Maybe we can hope,
For a new role play show to come.
If this ever happened,
It would never be as good.

The sacred poster,
The sacred bacon,
Though they are small,
They added to the grand scheme.

The sacred recording studio,
That we haven't seen,
As of yet.
Better show us soon.

Who are we,
Too demand things from you?
You have done enough for us,
But for us it can be never enough.

So many ideas,
So many campaigns,
Cross faction communications,
Helping your RP server.

There will never be another,
As great as you.
Many may try,
But many will fail.

We must say,
For the last ever time,
Don't mind me,
Feel free to lead off anytime.

by guymcperson
posted on 06/03/2009

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Comment by JNYCE: Jun 3, 2009 11:30 am
i love it,Smiley
Comment by guymcperson: Jun 2, 2009 6:24 pm
First of all...
"Don't mind me,
Feel free to lead off anytime." is something they say at the end of every episode.
"The sacred poster,
The sacred bacon" the poster was a certain "Adult" poster that was mentioned a couple of times. Bacon is something they say is awesome. and the rest is too hard to explain.

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