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The Road To Knowing Is Fierce.

You chop.
You burn.
You kill.
You destroy.
You demolish.
You build.
You ruin.
and for what?
To create shiit we dont need?
To try and build the 8th wonder of the world.?
You destroy all of our natural wonders to make your tall
buildings and houses.
We have enough.
But you're greedy.
Anything to make a pretty penny.
You dont stop to think.
You dont even think.
Your stupid.
Mindless, clueless zombies.
All after one thing.
A concrete version of your better world.
Try taking a walk in the woods.
Not to plan your next de-forestation move.
Not to look.
But to see.
Not to hear.
But to listen.
Not to touch.
But to feel.
To understand.
Try it.
Put yourself in their place.
Live it.
Experience it.
The horrors.
The loss.
The sorrows.
Breathe it in.
And cry.
Weep for it.
Live for it.
Die for it.
Then maybe you'll understand.

by Cornflakes
posted on 11/14/2009

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Comment by tobeloved: Dec 11, 2009 5:08 pm
wow, i love this! Smiley

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