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to my senior class

As we get older
our responsibilities grow,
our problems become numerous,
and our frightened minds show.
But it's time to stop,
to pause and remember
what our lives were like,
the past four years together.
Between football games and pep rallies,
voting and FCAT,
Homecoming and Prom,
and knowing what rank we are at.
Between Holding hands
and letting love go,
to making new friends,
and learning to say no.
Parties and Chilling
sometimes getting in trouble,
bring to most some issues,
maybe also seem doubled.
But even in these times
we will never forget
what our life has been
remembering moments with some regret.
Our life was chosen for us
and now its the path we choose
determining whether or not in life
we will win or lose.
Keep in mind though,
maybe one day,
we will all come back
with a lot to say.
Hopefully no tragities,
and no deaths will occur,
no unrecgonsilied differences
will cause fights to occur.
It's never going to be this,
never will we have this moment again,
So lets throw up our glasses,
and let the new life set in.
Get dressed in our gowns,
Put on our caps,
Hold hands for the last time,
and take our last lap.
Forever hold our memories.
Forever let life be great
and remember our class
on this graduation date.

Class of 2011.

by HoldingOnForNow
posted on 04/06/2011

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