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What do you do when you unsure.
Unsure that you truly love someone.
Someone who put there love in thy hands.
Even after you promise not to hurt thy.
Your body is alone and confused.
Shaken with chills down there spin because they are afraid.
Afraid that they might make a mistake if it is true love.
Afraid to hurt thyself and others.
To make a wrong and questionable decision.
I ask thy person inside what I shall do to make my love stronger,
So that I may love the person I cherish the person I love the most.
Still my mind says Iím unsure, but my heart says NO.
Yet Iím also unsure if I do understand the meaning of love,
Or am I just saying it.
My keeps on telling me that I found the right person,
Even if Iím unsure or not.

by bow16
posted on 05/22/2008

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