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Ozymandias by BloodStained
I read James Patterson's "The Lake house" and it broke my heart. It also inspired this poem, This one I feel was about the tribulations of racism. The guys name is Ozymandias (oh-sigh man-de us)
Burn Out by prettyspl
I'm not good at this ...
I Gave You My Heart by Nightmares
....Idk, I don't think it's very good....I know the End Is kinda sloppy. Any suggestions?
True Friends by ThisGirl
I had a great day out with my mate today and it made me write this (:
...i sit and cry by trapped
she said..."we're done today" and now i sit and cry..nothing can replace the hole in my heart....i was in love...
Pure Torture by TorturedHeart999
Inspired by a broken heart, of which is always mine and forever will be
Intentional Sin by aqua4ever
My First Cut
Shattered Heart by ChickenFingers
tell me what you think. (:
I Write To Push Away The Tears. by mybeloved
comment, vote. thanks
Do with it what you want by Nick1959
Love should not be neglected