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The Daily Routine by kiraralee77
my life is on repeat, seeming to never move forward, without my love..
page break by BreeBree
Repetition. Another empty love letter for an ocean that doesn't even realise I exist.
Depth by Aspire2
Quiet Submission by BreeBree
Recording in comments.
Yearning for a touch, yet fearful it may burn by Babigurlbroken
I think it's beautiful, please just read and comment. I still have yet to finish.
I never wanted you to have to be alone by Babigurlbroken
Did I do the right thing by saying goodbye????
My Own Walls by livelife
My Own Prison...
// by Aspire2
I don't know how I feel about this
Leo ex Aries by DarkEcho
A short narrative modified to a story
Life of Cats by DeVdoll343