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Bones Don’t Cry by prettyspl
No one knows what awaits
Musings of a Bitter Man by deadiam
Pieces of me scattered here and there
Single life by Atavist
Hard to find meaningful when people see only as far as your skin.
Dreams by Nick1959
These are the three main dreams I have had during my life, they have to mean something
Sunsetter by deadiam
Been awhile..been posting on other site. Anyways enjoy
Big Brother by HeartlessAngel
this is about an 11 year old girl and her 21 year old brother. Sorry if it's a little long but please read and comment.
Remembering Ramli by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading.
you know what it was by DarkCobra
it's been a while since i have written a poem , so i am INCREDIBLY rusty. apologies for such bad quality , but i figured i should post after it's been a long time.
Tales from The Pea Coat Man by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading. We have a small community here but I'm grateful that I get to share it with you fellow poets.
A suicide by cwagnon
Okay its not funny...
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