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shades of gray by beezle
Daddy's Girl by LittleBoyLonely
a tale of abuse
My Vampire by SinnerIndeed
About that bloodsucking emotion.
He Who Speaketh by prettyspl
Not sure where this one came from but .. it was interesting to play with. As always, comments welcome.
My Life In A Poem by freespirit252
She's Gone by FreeFalling
It's basically a description of a girls suicide as a poem....
Remembering Ramli by FavoriteTheMute
Thank you for reading.
Goodbye Letter by PrayForMe
A poem I wrote a while ago. It's basically my version of a suicidal letter...Don't worry though, I'm not suicidal, so enjoy and leave your thoughts. :)
A Medicated Moon by SilentWords
ok, so this is my first time posing in years...to say that i am rusty would be a ravenous understatment... this is about an addiction i guess, more or less
Painting the Roses Red by PrettyOdd
Dark/Broken Heart. I tried to take a cliche and make it into something not so obvious and "emo". Mostly, it's about the problems that come about because people can't say what's on their mind.