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will i die? by hasseo23
ive worked on this only two miniuets its my favorite using an aaaa bb cc format
Broken Angel Wings by Darkdaydreamer
A story about a caged angel.
Suicide Ride by Darkdaydreamer
Title says all
Bloody Kissed Revenge by Darkdaydreamer
Warning Dark and twisted
The weight of ashes by SilentWords
This is pretty dark. Sorry, I'm a pitiful little thing arn't I?
Usurper of Shadows by deadiam
went a little dark but I always end writing like that anyways
A Place For Me by prettyspl
I haven't posted anything for a while. I hope this piece explains where I've been to some extent.
A Psychology of Being by prettyspl
A few words about mental illness. I personally don't think I am mentally ill (fingers crossed) but I've had my share of darkness in this lifetime and have some thoughts on the subject ...
Heroin Sanctuary by SinnerIndeed
A.K.A "Brian's Life" Written about my good friend Brian who got really deep into heroin. He says it described how he was perfectly.
Heartless by HeartlessAngel
I'm tired of these emotions. I'm going back to being heartless and loveless...Read and comment if you want.