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The True Account of How Mermaid got her Fins by Mermaid
The story of my rape and how I became known as Mermaid
Her Final Goodbye by HeartlessAngel
I don't really know....It just came to me...Sorry for it being so long. Please read and comment.
A Frost for Roses by deadiam
Monsters by shyhallow
words can't even describe. (edited, deleted, revised, deleted [again], and now, finished... I think.) short poem...
Suicide by kayla
An old one of mine, thought i'd resubmit it since theres talk of it about.
The Madness of Mania by prettyspl
I hate describing my writings ..
Death Do'th Become Her by prettyspl
I wonder if Death is what many perceive it to be?
The Subliminals by PrettyOdd
Haven't you ever wondered how much of yourself has been molded by the world around you and how much is really just you?
Father by trustingtime
About abandonment and abuse.
so cold and on my own by masterpoetywriter
my pearents divorce