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The voices by 13YearOldAngel
First poem I've ever written. It's a bit short.....
An Enemy Of Mine by MindTwister
About a boy that pulled a knife on me and my mate! Please comment!
Pandora by oceanreverie
a taste of my mind
The Beast by mariana
not my best but tell me wha tyou think.
Blood by PrayForMe
It kinda picks up where my other poem "Twisted Grin" left off I realized later on. Read and enjoy :].
Rainbow of nothingness and pain by Darkdaydreamer
Depression haunts me like a cloud I can not escape.
In My Ruin by deadiam
Just started to write and this what came out...enjoy
Who I am by Darkdaydreamer
My first poem, I feel like people see me diffrently then who I really am.
Nobody cares by Darkdaydreamer
Title says all, I was soo pissed when I wrote this! Some people just have a talent for pissing me the f!ck off!
Death's letter by Darkdaydreamer
Some suicide letter and how much the ghost regrets what they did, or something like that, yah know dark- twisted- creepy, the usual stuff. Actually I tried reallly hard on this one, I hope everyone reads and comments!