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Night Past by Darkdaydreamer
This was a request so, I'm happy, COMMENT PLEASE!!!!!
Let My....... by deadlyinluv24
last nite i was about to cut n my boyfriend said that exact thing to me he said more but i wanted this poem shorter than a life story...lol
What's In A Secret? by shadowed
My life as I knew it. Comments are quite welcome.
Fall by BrokenHeartsTornUpLetters
idc too numb
As Darkness Falls by karrleigh
A girls poem from the grave after her boyfriend murdered her
Nothing at all. by Freewriter91
,,,,,, Complicated to explain
Terminal Slit by lostinpoetry
Ms. Unpretty (So Afriad) by darksideofme
My Girlfriends life....... She wants me to make her happy, and I do..... but how can I help when things are this bad at home. I can only try to be there for her.
To You I'm Nothing by XmidnightXobsessionX
A poem about abuse and how it affects a person.
What do you do. by Darkdaydreamer
I've reached the begging of an end of my everything''s nothing. Please read, please?