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These are the most popular friendship poems currently on PoemOfQuotes community as voted on by the community.
Angel Eyes by Brandon
Her beautiful eyes kept me from thinking about anything else
Never Again by Brandon
I wrote this for a friend who went through years of abuse and survived and is happy today. She said it was alright for me to post.
Cuddles by Brandon
This was written for Selene.
Souls Reborn by Brandon
Written with Selene. She starts and we alternate. Its about a day that has a new and special meaning to it.
Busy being peaceful by BreeBree
This is pretty raw. It's linked to my last poem. There's a part in here that wasn't said to me by the subject, but by someone else. That someone has probably forgotten they said it, but it affected me. I also hope they don't mind
Because Really You Only Need You by Brandon
To a friend I met on this site. Her words inspire me.
Mutual Dependence by BreeBree
Spoken word, recording in the comments.
Songs for the dead by BreeBree
A product of Anis Mojgani while laying in bed, staring at the paper cranes hanging from my roof.
For A Friend by HeartlessAngel
A poem my BS and I wrote for our very good friend OneManGang. It isn't exactly the best poem but it's the thought that counts right? We hope he likes it.
It Was You by Satyr
Inspired/ about something personal that's going on in my (shitty) life now.
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