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Wings by 10000nails
My friend with Cebral Palsy...
The Lack of A Friend... by Tequilla
I wrote this about my best friend, I really can't say if we are best friends or not, but I'll always luv her like a sister even though she choose a different path...
Insecure by truckergirl13
About a girl that is trying to help her friend.
Styrofoam Cups by alucard001
This is actually a request I got to write a poem based on the words Styrofoam Cups, and it is also my first attempt at free verse, so to everyone who reads this, please tell me what you think, thanks everyone!
take it, it's yours. by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
I guess I wrote this coming to the realization that my friend will be out of high school in a week or so and I will miss her like hell. shes one of my best friends but I've never been able to talk to her well. we text. and i still can't fig
Steve the Christmas Tree by darksideofme
Our chritmas tree this year.
My Best Friend by Amelia17
I wrote this for my bff! :D Plz comment on it!
An ode to my other brother by Jbones
Yes I write still, but with inconsistency in my submissions, I have invested my time into other projects
Relate by darksideofme
This is a poem to all of you on this site. Its for you so read it
The Park by thehotdude
How I spent my birthday.