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Talk To Me... by InASeaOfNothingness
i wrote this to my friend because today at school..she wasnt acting herself so...i wrote her this and when she read it she started crying and told me everything. no, its not my best work because i did it in Computer class.
Forgive Me by friendZdogZ
not sure the title really fits, you tell me, plz comment
If You're Gone by FreeFalling
This is to my friend that I haven't heared from in a couple of months....I don't if he's gone or not but this is dedicated to him.
Loyalty by MindTwister
Loyalty with my freinds which will never break
*Mail (1) forevergone* by teardrops
He is so kool..(forevergone)
Never Alone by soullesskiss
A poem for a friend of mine... hope that she likes it. *hugs*
best friend..or not by juicey145
she let go of our friendship.
show me by meltedsnowman
for anybody who will show me
Fighting Among People by gaara
if you get into a distrust fight this might happen
I'm Here by PrayForMe
This was written for a friend in need. :]