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I'm Here by PrayForMe
This was written for a friend in need. :]
to my friends by meltedsnowman
to my friends...read and enjoy
Losing you... by lionxxlamb
there's something about smoking by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
Cherry Blossom by Slain
Finally completed this poem like i need it, this is for my friend contemplating suicide, i gave it my all, tried to give him a reason to live...it's life changing, it really is...pls comment
"There's No Business Like Show Business." by OnMyOwn
He's an actor. What else can I say?
A love letter by OceansAway
I am in love with the world. This is what happens when I study.
*Ignite* by mememe
I'm talking to you, yes you.
Washed Away by esportslover18
something I wrote about not being able to trust people and feeling alone.
My best friends wings by Moonlily
Okay this one sucks .. I don't want it saved on my computer so I'm putting it up here :D So you guys can .. rudely criticize it .. ??