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Veronica Venom by soullesskiss
Girl, I don't know where I would be without you. Thanks.
"My Best Friend" by Bautista
What A Friend......
Hello My New Best Friend by man0fst33l
Poem of a new best friend I met online, unlike any other I've met... kinda like having a penpal, but through the internet... please let me know what you think, or your opinion on having an online friend...(especially of the opposite sex)
Solidarity by footprints
A tribute to friendship....
time will go on by meltedsnowman
tell me your troubles and i will care
You by inLOVEwithHOTTNESSmtm
a poem I wrote for Darnell
SORRY by whizangel
this is for you.... you know who you are...
A friend is a gift by whizangel
just writing....
The reason i call you friend by lost2theWorld
about my ex-boyfriend....i just recently started talking to him again (purely in the platonic way) and we talked about the things that me and him went through...with me and my problems....please read...please comment...
Butterflys by chikle
i got bored in yearbook and wrote it about my best friend who i have a crush on