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Butterflys by chikle
i got bored in yearbook and wrote it about my best friend who i have a crush on
My Angel Friend by friendZdogZ
about great friends. how they are like angels.
Bestestest Friend Ever by AFireInYourEyes18
:) comments please!!! lol
Friends by wow20intense
its about friends
Sick by moonlightmage
The usual insignificant annoyances...
Titleless poem by virtualbubblewrap
my friend totally freaked out and read to find out the rest
God's Little Angel by poemsarebliss
please read it, and tell me how it is..even if u think it need some changes and all..:)..i would be gald to make any if they really need it...
Buddy Crysania by crazyforcodymylove
i like you by meltedsnowman
very short, but i think it make sense..pls tell me what you think
I thought.. by tobeloved
this is a poem about someone i thought was my best friend.