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Here Beside Me by danielle
about needing someone.. anyone..
Remember Me? by SmotherMe
Something about one of my friends
By My Side by OverTheRainbow
Dedicated to a friend of mine:) We've known each other since we were in Grade 2:) but when I moved we never got to see each other again except talk on the phone....
Friend Crimes by Verasailles
Definition of certain friends.
Hero by Freewriter91
idk what this is
wesley by oceanreverie
idk why, i just felt it necessary to write this poem about my little brother and how much he means to me.
A True Friend by OverTheRainbow
Ever wonder whos your true friend??? ........Or uncertain if your a true friend to others?
Memories by meletha122694
remembering a childhood friend
Promise? by findmeinvisible
its about my best friend.
Fate was a little late by Tasmia
Dedicated to my Friend Ivan.