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Sometimes we just feel like writing something funny. Here are the communities most popular hilarious poems.

Mirror, Mirrror by friendZdogZ
very funny. also written for my English A class. Plz read and comment, thank you ni advacne
Losing it by MindTwister
My pot is so annoying lol please comment
School by jacobc
A funny version of school. I showed this to the teacher. :P
If I Was A Duck by DarkAngel
hehe this is funny....i lyk it
The Power Of Bleach by Alomentis
This was another contest poem, the theme being "Laundry Detergent"
My little Lion by DemonicAngel
This is about my cat Homer, he's the sweetest cat in the world....if your human...and yes he did kill an owl
Forbidden Love by USArocker
Random, It's 7 am, I'm brain dead.
Sloppy Seconds by lovelyricsxx6
for the biggest PLAYERS of them all!!!!
Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Turkey Gone? by solonely
it's a bit late for a thanksgiving poem but here it is :)
Vegetation Genocide by HallowReveries
Okay, this isn't serious whatsoever. Please don't take it as such.
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