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Deja Vu by messengerbird
Directions (read description before reading this poem) by harley
these are the directions listed on my mousse can
Braces by ChickenFingers
i just got braces and i thought i'd write a poem about them
Dog v Cat by Atavist
This was something my friend asked me to write for her girlfriend. Its kind of cute and standard, she made it into a card for valentines day.
Mary had a little lamb by Sinnocence
my version
A Cavemans' Poem~ by Eric G
The greatest poem ever invented in a cave.
Where is the Tootsie in My Pop? by SisterofDarkness
okay, so I had a tootsie pop, and I was eating it, and I bit it, and there was no tootsie in it...and it was...so...very...*sniff*...sad...*tear*
Sex Is A Sensation by DarkAngel
THIS ONE ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!!! YAY!!! check out all my poems plz
Pimples!!! by funkyninja898
well...... this one is kinda funny. last night i was washing my face and i was poping some pimples and i started to fool around w/ words in my head and this came out. :) i don't write many funny poems.... so treasure this one!
Twas the night before New Years by virtualbubblewrap
just a little poem i wrote about new years eve