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Valentines Rant by UpAgainstTheWall
Not one of my better poems, but i wrote it last Valentines day, and my feelings havent changed.
Doorbell by Beckizzle454
random poem about my dumb doorbell....there isn't a hidden meaning to it....it is about my doorbell
13 reasons to date a catcher by fallenangelx14
haha I wrote it cause my friend told me to, we're both softball catchers.
Haunted House by PrayForMe
This poem was inspired by one of Shel Silvertein, one of my favorite authors :). Enjoy!
LOL by watelse2say
my first quote:)/ poem:):)
Cloud Nine by finderskeepers
imagination stimulation on LSD
i hate her by dizzylizzy16
my ex-bestfriend stabbed me in the back. here's a little poem for her
A Monster in my Grandmothers Closet by Psychobabble
A little silly poem
the mail man by tsmsom
one saturday I went outside to get the mail and came up with this as he approached
Randomness starting with RainClouds... by SisterofDarkness
really random...I don't know what I was thinking about...