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Impossible? by itsreallymesalads
My friends by jacobc
Okay. These people are my friends, they helped me write this
Teeny Weenies by solonely
It isn't perverted I promise, just kind of funny
dear girl who doesn't know what she's doing by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
Because everybody hated who they were in 7th grade
Mother Goose Cooked my Innocence by darksideofme
A poem that is quite graphic... Parental Advisery is advised.....Bitch.
Freshman Year by dannaenae94
This was a school project and i did it the morning it was due! he he
mornig breeze by nina777
i wrote this when i was 11
cute lil quote by KillerBlueEyes
just a lil defiance
Why Should we Marry? by mahade1
As the name says..my quest to find out the reason for marriage
Reap what you Sew (Farming Pain) by rsurfn2
A limerick