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Leave silently by kayla
Me changing my state of being...casting out the victim.
Cotton Candy Memories by PoeticPrincess
We sadly all lose loved ones at one point or another, but they still linger above us in the sky
The Test by secretpoet
I hope you like it! please comment.
Just dreaming .. by SeekingSarah
I'm not home yet but I'm on my way ... I'm not home yet but it's okay
Angels Care by timewornsoul
Inspiration comes to you at the oddest times sometimes. I was half asleep still when I thought of this one. Lemme know what you think.
Hamartia by Atavist
There is a strength of character defined by denying to submit to our weakness.
I am your vessel, You are my harbor by SilentWords
This is not very good by all means. But it was fun to write. I wrote this to the little tiny baby boy that grows inside of me. Thank you little one.
Grateful by PrayForMe
Shouldn't we all be so grateful for everything we can have?
Of Consequence. by WesleyMan3
This is the poem I wrote right after I had been turned down. heh. I later dated the girl though.
Words of the Present by PoeticPrincess
I'm just playing with rhymes here, this is about enjoying the life you have while you have it