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Star Bright... by Wanderingclouds
Referbished a little, But the meaning is the same. I will always love you :) my love.
A Soul So Bright by schick15
My poem dedicated to Maya Angelou ...
Where did all the poets go? by Enigma
The title makes it obvious
A new chapter by kayla
I Wanted to repost this for a new start. This chapter never really got off the ground last time i submitted it....If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
Quote by AngelIndeed
My fav and its to EVERYONE
So Who Am I? by anonymous
What can I say...the title pretty much gives it away.
She's Resting by meletha122694
I work in a nursing home where death is evident and in some circumstances I feel family needs to be comforted and poems are easier for me than actual words
Would You? by friendZdogZ
not like would you marry me? it's a serious deal i'd love if you read and commeted. it's about racism
be like a child by oceanreverie
i went to church today for the first time in a long while, and i heard exactly what i needed to. i know how i am going to get myself back on track now.
Unwritten by OMGitzSkittlez
eh, not to sur what this is but oh well.