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Just A Name by Luv4shelly
hm I like this one
Let The Rain Fall. by lexijadelove
This ishow I feel when bad things happen
Walking in Your Shoes by JNYCE
Sorry, but I need to be me...
On The Outside Looking In by TiffantAnnLoganAdams
This is me...comment please
Welcome Home by rsurfn2
Straight and narrow path
Who I Am by ColdHeartedPoet
GIMP by jacobc
This is a poem about all my friends. I love them all, but sometimes they irritate me, like tonight. Which gave me inspiration to get this all off my chest.
We Stood a Moment... by YouExistInMe
We stood a moment in ocean of dreams...
Resonating Supernovae by PoeticPrincess
My version of Shakespearean English about humanity and stars, comments appreciated!
Verbose Escape by PoeticPrincess
This is basically a "be who you are" speech for logophiles, enjoy :P