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Here are some of the members most popular romantic poems, as voted on by the community.

I Want You Now by Brandon
Enter if you are 18 or older... If you are under 18 look around and then enter
Crooked by ITSaCRISIS
Sometimes someone else can see more of you than you can.
Tears in her Eyes by Brandon
A girl that has been hurt many times
The Writing Desk by PrettyOdd
This wasn�t supposed to rhyme. At all. And it�s a real piece of crap. That�s what happens when I get all emotional. (Yes,
It is you I want by Nick1959
A sad love poem, so tragic
Selene's apple by Selene
feeling shitty
Feel You by Brandon
Written with Selene--Its about two people in love that are far apart but want so badly to be together--We alternated verses with me starting first.
Of Childlike Innocence by Selene
a sort of fond memory of more innocent times past
I don't want to admit this to anyone but strangers on the internet by BreeBree
Drugs are hard to deal with from the outside.
Him and Her by lovelyricsxx6
this is a poem about 2 teens who finally find love
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