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Here are some of the members most popular romantic poems, as voted on by the community.

I Want You Now by Brandon
Enter if you are 18 or older... If you are under 18 look around and then enter
Tears in her Eyes by Brandon
A girl that has been hurt many times
The Writing Desk by PrettyOdd
This wasn�t supposed to rhyme. At all. And it�s a real piece of crap. That�s what happens when I get all emotional. (Yes,
Feel You by Brandon
Written with Selene--Its about two people in love that are far apart but want so badly to be together--We alternated verses with me starting first.
Him and Her by lovelyricsxx6
this is a poem about 2 teens who finally find love
A Goodbye Letter by Mermaid
If walls could talk...
LO lust VE by Brandon
When love and lust create a synergistic effect
Selene's apple by Selene
feeling shitty
A Shadows' Kiss~ by Eric G
Love Cannot Be Hidden.
as i lay here by randomskater369
guy realizes how much he misses her
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