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Of Childlike Innocence by Selene
a sort of fond memory of more innocent times past
as i lay here by randomskater369
guy realizes how much he misses her
Somewhere Under Heaven by PrettyOdd
(From my childhood.) Could be broken heart if you want it to be I guess, but I wanted it to focus more on the sweet, innocent, little kid, first love, kiss on the cheek feeling. Does that make sense?
I don't want to admit this to anyone but strangers on the internet by BreeBree
Drugs are hard to deal with from the outside.
why i love you by fallenangelx14
umm guess it wasn't meant to last. I wrote it for him anyways.
cinder-block walls by BreeBree
"The trick of love is that is it a decision as much as a feeling... The trick of perfection is that you never stop wanting it."
if i could feel you by unknown
you know who this is for.
My body is cold and there's dents in my matress. by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
She is everything to me and I am nothing to her.
Moonlit Ballroom by footprints
Drowsy - waiting for my husband to come home one night
Bite the bullet by Selene
he won't leave my mind