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Your Light by Cornflakes
This Is Probably The Happiest Poem I've Ever Written...Which Is Weird Considering The Beginning Is Kinda Sad...
Crooked by ITSaCRISIS
Sometimes someone else can see more of you than you can.
Love Songs by Atavist
Some people return sentiment to sender without the stamp of truth.
Midnight Blue, with a satirical Tinge by BreeBree
There are lines in here from things I'd written previously. I do not like this, not in the slightest. My rhymes are atrocious, Erin, no need to tell me. =.=
I remember the time by kayla
What the title says
I...... by kayla
Precious moments, eternal by kayla
Little Things by mybeloved
i love everything he does,,,every word makes me smile =) please comment<3
Life in a moment by footprints
Finally! After 4 years of trying.. no wonder I am so tired lately :-)
Passionate Flames and Nostalgic Fireflies by PoeticPrincess
I was thinking about fire and my mind started to wander, enjoy! :P