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The key to my heart. by Poison
This is to my love...My fiance...I love you so much!
Loving Between Bed Sheets by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
This is actually about long distance, it's all a metaphor basically.
Hey Cutie by Vaurien
I'm dreaming about you. But I'm not saying anything.
My One Desire by ColdHeartedPoet
Skies by Slain
Its been long since i wrote a love poem, almost three years now to the same person...couldnt think of a good title though
Innocent love by Maks
rhythm by BreeBree
short. I hope it feels incomplete when you read it. There's poetry in the words we don't say.
Be my forevertine. by kayla
What the title says.
Don't die on me(edited) by AFireInYourEyes18
This is for the love of my life, she isn't doing so well... but hopefull y she will get better
Holding on by AFireInYourEyes18
Kinda bored.. It just came to me