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Tell Me If This Be Love by seekerblue
being in love
Hey Cutie by Vaurien
I'm dreaming about you. But I'm not saying anything.
Skies by Slain
Its been long since i wrote a love poem, almost three years now to the same person...couldnt think of a good title though
rubbing the dreams from my sleep by BreeBree
A love poem for an old friend.
Be my forevertine. by kayla
What the title says.
Timeless Love by footprints
I wrote this after watching 'The Lake House ' - a feel good movie which I guess put me in a dreamy mood and inspired this poem.
shooting stars fell too fast by Maks
very cheesy.
Goodbye Lover, Goodbye Friend by PoemWritingGuy
Growing old together...and then one finally goes.
Lovers by soullesskiss
To compare the love of two people to the ocean waves...
In the wind by Findingyou
i REALLy enjoyed writing this poem..i think this is my favorite out of all the poems ive wriiten!