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For You by footprints
Written for my husband on our four year wedding anniversary today.
Your Beautiful! by trapped
Anna.I Love You!
You Shot An Arrow Straight To My Heart by PrayForMe
Love isn't a beautiful thing, it's a wonderful feeling. : ]
Infatuation by SinnerIndeed
This sinner's first attempt at a descent lovey poem, tell me what you think. Warning: the "I'm feeling chipper" alert is in effect.
Deep Down by PoemWritingGuy
A simple poem.
Don't die on me(edited) by AFireInYourEyes18
This is for the love of my life, she isn't doing so well... but hopefull y she will get better
Holding on by AFireInYourEyes18
Kinda bored.. It just came to me
The Story of my Girl by darksideofme
What can I say, Im love struck
the good and bad by sexypancake95
verry confused when i wrote this poem i dont like it so tell me what you think
The Girl in my Dreams by Brandon
Someday I will find this girl and I will be complete