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A NEW DAY by landrysmommy
SomeboDy help me understand, why i'm not a part of your plans , help me understand, why i still wanna be where you are, even though i know in my heart, that you dont love me anymore............
Love and Fluffey Things by darksideofme
In a response to my last poem "Fuck it All" someone mad a joke about this. I thought I'd give it a shot.
Can I Just Kiss You Forever? by robynbobbin
my friend 'dared' me to write a like sensual poem and this is what happened.
angelic ascension by Venivik
*Explicit* Extremely Erotic poem, I couldn't tell if I should post it or not, So I just decided I'd find out.
This Place by xDxReneexBosqx
*sigh* missing what used to be..
Tired by DeepDestruction
The way I feel for you by sion
my feelings for her
Whisper you love me by HellButterfly
Worrier poet by Atavist
The poet seeks to fight in loves corner not by actions, but the call to action. All love is an act but words to inspire and define their heart desire, that is the poets domain.
These Nights by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
<3 please read and comment