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Ocean dreams by SilentWords
Simple wishes of beauty
Cycling into the cold by SilentWords
Deep in thought... maybe too deep. I'll let you decide.
The Truth, as I would have it by SilentWords
I am not good at just coming out and saying how I feel, I have my own ways of expressing how I feel, Maybe that's why no one understands me eh? Not my best, but oh well.
Newly enchanted by an old silence by SilentWords
There is so much magic in this world... and when I'm not so jaded I can still feel it.
Lemon Letters by PrettyOdd
It's more of an intense friendship love than romantic love. (My rhymes took a dive halfway through so I'll have to come back to this sometime and fix it.)
Swallowing Monterey Bay by PrettyOdd
It's been so long I think I've forgotten how to do this. It ain't no good at all. (If the format is weird tell me please. The computer I'm using makes everthing look off.)
The Lying Sea by PrettyOdd
I'm just a brown-eyed whatever, in love with the sea and afraid of my dreams.
Singed by BreeBree
bleep. Probably not about what you think.
Untitled #3 by PrettyOdd
Finding beauty where there is none. I can't think of a good title, probably because I don't like this one at all.
Chills by SilentWords
I guess Im a b*tch, I don't mean to be...but believe what you wish.
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