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Spliting hairs with a dollar bill by SilentWords
the root of all evil, or the seeds to happiness?
Left and Right by Psychobabbled
The way the world is
seasons of guilt and separation by BreeBree
It's been a long time.
No man's land by kayla
Haven't Decided if this is finished yet or not...Let me know what you think:)
Just Listen by SilentWords
This is the first poem I have written in a long time. So I am very rusty at this.
The Spirit of the Lamp-Post by BreeBree
Bree's back to spoken-word. Finally. Erin, you can have a non-sugar lolly if you get all the references o;
The Question by secretpoet
My first post, hope you like it!
Limbs by Bourne
the good old days, a simpler time
The Photograph by prettyspl
I was thinking about reincarnation and this came to me .. probably needs more work?
The Sweet Name by fantasyRUSH
An easy read- would love feedback. Some of it is supposed to be in italics so it might not read right,