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Unfair by secretpoet
this one means a lot to me, please comment!...check out my other one posted if u have time as well
When is Daddy Coming Home by Brandon
A man committed suicide and didn't stop and think about what he was doing to his 5yo daughter that loves him with all of her heart.
Borrowed Angels by PrayForMe
This is my favorite poem I have ever written. It made me cry while I was writing about it because it's from a real expirence. My mother had twins that didnt make it...and I was so sad over it and then I thought of why they were taken and made th
Dear Depression by smashmypumkinsx
please read and comment
Innocence Stolen by Brandon
This is about a girl who suffers from sexual abuse at home
Understand me by VengefulBroxy
No one cares.So why even read this? It's not like u'll care.....but read if u want I guess.....
shattered eyes by NOangelsLEFT
Can I in my weakness find my strength?
The statue by NOangelsLEFT
Are you afarid of me, me?
I'll Never Forget You by Brandon
this is true, Its about a special girl that was so full of life and surprises. The night that we decided to become more than friends she was taken from me.
current autobiography by Maks
hello. again.
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