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Jessamine Sweetly by PrettyOdd
(Meant to be heard, not read.) It's about finding the beauty in people, even if they're different from us. There's a little bit of death at the end. Gah, I can't write at all...
Stay Gold, Ponyboy by Aspire2
Finally, some honesty in my writing.
A Promise by Brandon
A father could not bear the lose of his 4 year old daughter. This is based on a true event that I encountered..
Skeletal Inconsistencies by PoeticPrincess
Sorry again for taking so long to post, major exams very soon! I appreciate feedback, thanks :)
Helium by NOangelsLEFT
I wonder what's wrong with me
Quiet... by skbarbie9
me myself in my own world...pleas read and comment
Holes in hearts and gun shots in oceans by ToWritePoetryOnHerArms
Not a true story
Discrimination by PrayForMe
What was done, was not right...Please read and give your thoughts. This poem means alot to me.
My Son... by angeleyes7686
I wrote this for my son that never got to see the light of day. I lost him at 5 months due to his father beating me.
Broken Path by Snoman
I got MY POEM taken off her site :) in the end i think we came to a peaceful agreement