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Hardly sleeping by NOangelsLEFT
Because now in this world...Innocence is weakness
i hate you so much by softrain
i just finished a poem and now i'm just filled with rage
Some more cleverly-Disguised bullshit by BreeBree
I over-used and, but and because.
Elegy for the Writer by Nenna13
Don't jump. Additionally, lessons can't be taught to people who have already made up their minds
Sixteen year old prostitute by Maks
A bit brutal.
I Never Did by PrayForMe
Don't let two awful people tell you how to become you.
Piano by NOangelsLEFT
Fear makes me human . But I fear all that makes me human.
24 hours by Maks
I haven't written in a long while, and this isn't even good, but I thank all of you who waste their time reading it.
Out of the Picture by Atavist
I appear in very few of my photgraphs.Perhaps an aversion, or possibly a representation of me in my own life?
My Weakness by messengerbird
i dont know